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Fr. John Gerritts October 23, 2016 Homily on Syrian Refugees


Fr. John's Column - October 30, 2016

Pray for our juniors in high school who join together this weekend for a Confirmation Retreat. They are spending the weekend at YMCA Camp Icaghowan near Amery. We pray they will have pleasant weather to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the camp and more importantly, will experience the presence of God in one another, in the presentations being given for them, in the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist, and in the time away from the distractions of home, work, and school.

As we begin the month of November this week, we start out with a celebration of the Feast of All Saints on November 1. This is a Holy Day of Obligation, and Masses are available on Tuesday at 6:30 am, 1:00 pm, and 6:30 pm. During the entire month of November we remember all who have died. You are invited to bring in mementos or pictures of loved ones to remind us of the good lives they lived whilst they dwelt among us, and that we have now commended them to God amongst the angels and saints.

Last weekend I shared with the parish information from a phone call I received within the past month. The call was from the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops, Office for Refugee Resettlement. It was a request that we become directly involved with the resettlement of refugees from Syria currently living in a refugee camp in Turkey. I appreciate the support many have offered regarding the difficulty of making the decision of whether or not to become involved in supporting these refugees from Syria. I am in awe of those for whom this decision would seem to be quite easy. Your faith is strong, and I am humbled.

I pledged that I would pray and fast regarding both this decision and for the refugees. I also said I would continue to educate myself about this issue. I am grateful to so many who have sent me articles about the refugee crisis. I also said I would continue to discuss this topic with our parish leadership (we had a Pastoral Council meeting this past week), and in the future will host a town hall meeting for our parish. Additionally I have written a letter to our Holy Father asking for his prayers and wisdom (printed copies of the letter are available at our new welcome center, or by finding the link on the top of this page).

Furthermore I asked that we as a parish similarly pray and fast as we weigh this decision. I encouraged you to further your personal education about this and others significant issues. We have a notable election coming in a few days. It is imperative that we enlighten ourselves on both the issues and candidates, and the ethics of each. As Catholics when we vote we are compelled to support the gift of life, which comes to us as a gift from God. Regarding the resettlement issue, we have prepared a question and answer sheet that is available at the welcome center. At last weekend’s Masses I asked that we challenge ourselves to speak with respect not only when it comes to refugees, but also when we speak toward and about one another, particularly when we disagree. Ours is a country built and even dependent on differing views, and we must appreciate, recognize, and all the more so contemplate these often-conflicting beliefs. In summation I encouraged all to continue to support our parish in Hudson, the Diocesan Church, and the Universal Church. I pray we all remain steadfast in our love to both our local and universal Church.

Finally, check out our new welcome center. This came to us from the old Northwest Airlines headquarters in Eagan, MN that is being torn down and developed as the new practice facility and offices for the Minnesota Vikings.


Fr. John Gerritts



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