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Fr. John's Column - January 15, 2017

Fr. John is in Guatamala this week, and will not have a bulletin update

Last week I was planning to offer a teaching Mass to our 9th graders.  My intention was that we would celebrate Mass together during their usual Faith Formation class but during the Mass if they had questions, I would stop and answer them.  In our world of technology I had (I thought) the very clever idea that the way to handle the questions would be to have the kids text them to me.

As we prepared to begin I received a few texts: “HI”; “How are you?”; “Can you help me with my math?”  Then the questions started pouring in in earnest.  I thought my cell phone would melt!  They were some of the best questions I have ever had.  Fifty minutes later I hadn’t yet even put on my vestments.  Since I didn’t get all of them answered that night, I will answer the rest in ensuing columns.  This week: question 1: Have you ever regretted being a priest?  There are some days that are long or difficult.  Sometimes I have to do things that I would not consider very fun.  I have wondered whether I would have been a good dad or even what kind of husband I would have made (knowing myself I am guessing I would have missed my wife’s birthday a few times if I were married and not made her very happy).  However I can’t see myself doing anything other than being a parish priest!


How can we help Christians in the Middle East?

Christian minorities in the Middle East are being persecuted for their faith and many are living lives of misery because of their belief in Jesus Christ. The US Congress and the European Parliament have referred to the ISIS campaign against Christians and other religious minorities in the region as a “genocide.”  Clearly Christians living in the Middle East deserve our prayers, support, and efforts to safeguard them.  The Knights of Columbus (a Catholic fraternity with 1.9 million members worldwide) have been particularly active in raising awareness of their plight and organizing support.  The Knights have raised millions of dollars for Christians suffering from war or persecution, especially in Iraq and Syria.  The Knights’ relief fund for Middle East Christians and other minorities is accepting donations through its webpage at

We should pray for and support these persecuted minorities in the Middle East and wherever there is oppression of Christians.  In addition, we should be grateful our Nation protects freedom of religion and the religious liberty of all faiths; we benefit from these blessings every day.


How can I help the five families of Syrian refugees who were originally identified to be resettled in Hudson?

The five families will be resettled by Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (LSS).  Saint Patrick Parish will accept monetary donations on their behalf and forward the funds to LSS as a specific gift from local donors for these five families.  If you wish to make a donation, write a check or provide cash to the parish office (or Sunday collection) and designate the gift: LSS/ Syrian Families.  Thank you for your generosity.



Fr. John Gerritts



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