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For over 1000 years lamps have been continuously lit in the church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Israel. These 15 oil lamps burning continuously are known as the Peace Lights. For the past 22 years, every late November a flame from one of these lamps is used to light a lamp that is carried from Bethlehem to Vienna, Austria, via an Austrian Airlines’ jet. From there, Scouts take the flame by train to cities throughout Europe. For the last several years this light has also been brought to the United States, and Scouts are now taking the light across America. Recently some Scouts from Bayport traveled to New York, and are now bringing it to our area. Scouts from our troop – sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, Troop 148 – brought the flame from Bayport to Saint Patrick Church. It will be kept burning here until Christmas. You are invited to bring a lantern or candle in and carefully take the flame to your own home, using it as a reminder to pray for peace in our world, on our streets, and in our homes. More information about the Peace Light, including a map of all the places that it is traveling, can be found at

All high school students are reminded to check out ADORE. ADORE is a time of prayer just for you. It is the third Sunday of each month (this month, therefore, December 21), at 6:30 PM in the chapel at Saint Patrick. The time includes music, reflections, Eucharistic Adoration, and afterward some social time. You don’t need to register, simply show up and join with others your age for prayer.

As we celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Advent, many of us are transitioning into our celebrations for Christmas. For some it means traveling during the next few days. For all who are traveling during Christmas, on behalf of Fr. Patrick, our parish staff, and myself, we wish you a blessed and Merry Christmas. May your travels bring you great joy and opportunities to discover the blessings of the newborn Savior. Among those who will be traveling, please include in your prayers Fr. Patrick, since he will be ministering to the people of Grantsburg and Frederick this Christmas. While we will miss him here, we rejoice that he is able to bring his many gifts to two other faith communities.

For those who are suffering for any reason during this Christmas season, please be assured that our prayers go out to you. We know that while a great number find treasured and memorable reasons to rejoice at Christmas, there are many family members, friends, and parishioners who are experiencing a variety of hardships and struggles. Our prayer for you is that you may know that Christ has great love for you, and we value the witness you bring to the world in your suffering.

For all who will join for Mass at Saint Patrick this Christmas, I look forward to being with you to celebrate the birth of our Savior. May we together anticipate the beauty we will behold as we enter the church, the glorious hymns of Christmas we will sing together, the marvelous words we will hear read from the Scriptures, the opportunity to share the Eucharist on this Solemnity, and the opportunity to both greet one another but also welcome the many wonderful visitors who will grace us with their presence.

To those who are visiting or have returned home to visit family members and friends: WELCOME! We are pleased that a reason or purpose has brought you to be with us this  Christmas. Your being here brings not only joy to those closest to you, but to all of us here at Saint Patrick. May God’s blessings and peace be with you during your visit.

Finally, to those whom we serve all through the year, from Fr. Patrick, our staff, and me: blessings, joy, and peace to you this Christmas. May we encounter the new born Savior not only on Christmas, but also throughout the coming year.

Fr. John Gerritts
December 21, 2014






Praise to you, Lord our God, our eternal shepherd and guide.  You have given us your Son, Jesus Christ, to teach, sanctify, and govern your people.  You also gave us the gift of your Holy Spirit so that we may forever remain one in Your name.

We thank you, Heavenly Father, for the gift of Bishop Peter Christensen, our shepherd, and all our past bishops who have faithfully served the Catholic Church in our Diocese.

We ask you Heavenly Father, to look with favor upon those in our church who will prayerfully select our new bishop.  Give them a Spirit of wisdom and counsel that they may discern your will.

We love you Heavenly Father, and in your love for us, bless us with a shepherd who will lead us in being Christ's heart of mercy, voice of hope, hands of justice, and love of your Holy Church.  Provide him with the gifts he will need to carry on the ministry of Jesus in our diocese.

Help him to fill our minds and hearts with the truth of the Gospel, the power of the sacraments, and the desire to build up your holy Church.

We ask this through the intercession of Mary, our mother, and St. Augustine, our Patron Saint, through Jesus Christ our Lord, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.





~Saturday  December 20
8:00 AM Dust Busters
10:00 AM Reconciliation
10:00 AM Divine Mercy Study
5:00 PM Mass 
Scrip  and coffee available after Mass

~Sunday December 21
Masses: 7 AM, 9AM, 11AM
10:00 AM RCIA
11:00 AM Liturgy of the Word for Children:
4:00 PM Adore Dinner
5:30 PM Light Weigh One King Bible Study
6:30 PM Adore - Youth Adoration
Scrip and coffee available after Mass

~ Monday December 22
8:00 AM Mass
9:15 AM Bakery and Produce Give Away

~ Tuesday December 23
8:00 AM Mass
10:00 AM Music Rehearsal
11:00 AM Funeral for Martin O'Connell
5:00 PM Fundraiser at Wendy's
6:00 PM Family Rosary
7:00 PM Pastoral Council Committee
7:00 PM Praise Company Rehearsal

~ Wednesday December 24
Parish Offices closed
10:00 AM Mass CCH
Mass Times:
3:30 PM, 6:00 PM, 11:00 PM

~ Thursday December 25
Parish Offices Closed
Mass Times:
8:00 AM, 10:00 AM

~ Friday December 26
8:00 AM  Mass
Parish Offices Closed

~Saturday  December 27
8:00 AM Dust Busters
10:00 AM Reconciliation
5:00 PM Mass 
Scrip  available after Mass


O God, we earnestly ask you to bless our diocese with many priests, brothers, sisters and deacons who will love You with their whole mind and heart and gladly spend their entire lives serving Your Church and making You known and loved. Bless our families, bless our children, and choose from our homes those needed for your work. Mary, Queen of the Clergy, pray for our priests, religious, and deacons. Obtain for us many more. We ask this through Christ our Lord.    Amen.


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