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Fr. John's Column - July 24, 2016

If you came by the church this week you may have noticed a lot of people gathering near our entrance. It could have been the children participating in our Vacation Bible School. After a two year absence VBS returned this week with a bang, or should I say a splash (Deep Sea Discovery: GOD IS WITH ME WHEREVER I GO!). If it was Tuesday or Thursday, the people you saw may have been our middle school students participating in Summer Stretch. After gathering at the church in the morning they set off to serve in our community and then enjoy some recreation in the afternoon. However the people you saw may have been people playing Pokémon GO.

For the technologically challenged (which includes me most of the time), Pokémon GO is a video game played on one’s smartphone that requires players to search real locations to find and catch a variety of Pokémon species. We have two Poke Stops hidden on our church property and two more near our school. As a result we have had several hundred people come by to load the Pokémon into their game.

The official Pokémon website states that the video game series allows people to search far and wide in the real world to discover Pokémon. I can’t help but comment on how similar this is to a faith journey. Except in our faith journey we search the world to find not Pokémon, but the divine – to find God. Our search may take us through joys and sorrows, happiness and pain, hopes and struggles. These are all a part of the real world. In each of these emotions and experiences we discover God and the many blessings God offers us.

In fact it is often in the midst of our greatest challenges that we recognize God’s presence most fully. In our Gospel reading for this Sunday, the disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray. What a great thing for us to ask also Jesus – help with our prayer life. We ask God for so much: good health, safety, healing, a new job, to do well on a test, win a game, safety as we travel. Do we ever petition God for help with our prayer life? Our Gospel reading for this Sunday is less about being persistent in our prayer and more about assurances of God answering our prayers. I am guessing that among all we ask God for, if we were to pray for help in “praying”, His response would be overwhelming.

The late Cardinal Bernardine of Chicago, amidst his battle with cancer remarked that it is most difficult to pray when one is sick, so encouraged people to pray while healthy. When we are sick we may pray a lot, but often it is out of necessity or fear. Therefore it may be easier to pray when we are healthy, when our prayers are directed by the grace of God.

Many people are on the search for Pokémon, on our church/school property and elsewhere. Pokémon are found because of the effort put forth amid a diligent search by the ones seeking. Many of us are on a search for God. The search for God is guided not by the seeker as in the video game, but by the one to be found. Therefore we pray to the one being sought, assured that He will help us find Him.  

Fr. John Gerritts



Friday, July 22
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6:00 PM Knights local council

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6:45 AM Toastmasters

8:00 AM Mass
8:00 AM Summer Stretch
10:30 AM Liturgy of the Word at Old Comforts of Home
6:00 PM TNT
~ Friday, July 29
8:00 AM Liturgy of the Word
8:00 AM Youth in Action Rummage Sale

~ Saturday, July 30
8:00 AM Dustbusters
8:00 AM Youth in Action Rummage Sale
10:00 AM Confessions
5:00 PM Mass

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Masses at 8:30 AM, 10:30 AM & 7:00 PM
7:00 PM The Flame

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