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Fr. John Gerritts - July 22, 2018

Father Solanus Casey, whom Pope Francis declared “blessed” this past year, will be remembered on the first celebration of his feast day, July 30, 2018. Blessed Father Solanus was baptized in Prescott, Wisconsin, which was at the time a mission of Saint Patrick Parish. As a result we have his baptism recorded in our parish records. We will have this record on display next weekend and on his feast day. His family eventually moved closer to Hudson, and so he celebrated his First Holy Communion at Saint Patrick Parish. Because of the close ties we have to Blessed Father Solanus, we have been granted permission to offer a Mass in honor of him on his feast day. The Mass that day will be with the kids participating in the Totus Tuus program at 11:30 AM in the main church.

Leading up to his feast day, the Capuchins, the religious community to which he belonged, is encouraging the praying of a novena. A novena is a series of prayers that lasts for nine days. Each day of the novena will focus on a different aspect of Blessed Father Solanus’ life. Day one, Sunday July 22, the focus will be on “music”. The themes for the successive days are “the poor”, “neighbors”, “the sick”, “religious and consecrated life”, “families”, “the young”, “the Church”, and “the Feast Day”. Each day the Capuchins are encouraging praying a Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mother and the Prayer for the Canonization of Blessed Father Solanus Casey. Copies of these prayers are available at the welcome center.

This past week we had Vacation Bible School for our preschoolers through fifth graders. Thanks to all our volunteers who helped us to have a great program and wonderful week. A special thank-you to our sixth through twelfth graders who volunteered to mentor the younger kids this week. Remember too that there is still time to sign up for Totus Tuus, which will be held the week of July 29 – August 3. To register go online to our parish website, click “Youth Ministry”, and scroll down. There is a day program for first through fifth graders and an evening program for sixth through twelfth graders. The program is put on by college students who spend their summer traveling throughout our diocese working with our kids.

Finally, here are some things our kids had to say about what they liked best about Vacation Bible School:

Brielle- “I like crafts the best because they are really fun to make.”

June- “I like story telling the best because it is fun to act out the stories and we learn about the Bible.”

James- “I think what I like best is learning about the Saints because we mix learning with crafts and I didn’t know anything about Saint Lucy.”

Felicity- “I like best learning about God because it makes it better for us to pray.”

Teddy- “I like Saints the best because when we work with the Saints we learn about God and they help us love God more.”

Kaylie- I like going to the craft room and making cool art things because I really like art. I also like snacks.”

Bella- “I like that we make crafts because we learn about things in the old times. I also like stories.”

Lillian- “I like Saints because they read us stories about Saints who have done good things for God’s people.”

Sicily- “I like crafts because I really like making art projects. I like story time because it is fun listening to the stories and acting them out.”

Aubree- “I like art because it is fun and cool.”



Friday, July 20
8:00 AM Mass
9:00 AM Vacation Bible School

~ Saturday, July 21
8:00 AM Dust Busters
8:30 AM Music Rehearsal
10:00 AM Confessions
5:00 PM Mass 

~ Sunday, July 22
8:30 AM Mass

10:30 AM Mass 
7:00 PM Mass 
5:00 PM Oasis

~ Monday, July 23
8:00 AM Mass 
9:00 AM Bakery and Produce Giveaway

~Tuesday, July 24
8:00 AM Mass
4:00 PM Extended Food Shelf Hours
6:00 PM Family Rosary
6:30 PM Gun Safety Training

~ Wednesday, July 25
8:00 AM Mass
10:00 AM Mass at CCH

~Thursday, July 26
6:45 AM Toastmasters
7:30 AM Youth Action Hudson Rummage Sale
8:00 AM Mass
9:30 AM Small Group Faith Sharing
10:30 AM  Mass at Comforts of Home
11:00 AM Memorial Service for Brecken Kariniemi

~ Friday, July 27
7:30 AM Youth Action Hudson Rummage Sale
8:00 AM Mass

~ Saturday, July 28
8:00 AM Dust Busters
10:00 AM Confessions
5:00 PM Mass 

~ Sunday, July 29
8:30 AM Mass

10:30 AM Mass 
11:30 AM Baptism
5:00 PM Oasis
7:00 PM Mass 
7:30 PM Totus Tuus

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