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Congratulations this weekend to our Knights of Columbus Council #1762 as they celebrate their 100th Anniversary with a Mass at 5:00 PM on Saturday! We welcome Bishop Peter Christensen, who will preside at the Mass. We can be proud of the work our local council does – especially for our parish and the greater Hudson Community – in serving the poor and the intellectually and/or developmentally disabled to protect life from conception to natural death, while promoting family values and patriotism.

Next weekend we will welcome Jesse Manibusan to Saint Patrick Parish. Jesse was the emcee at last year’s National Catholic Youth Conference. He is described as a 52nd Degree, High Octane Evangelizer and Catholic Ninja, who uses music, stories, humor, and prayer to promote the Catholic Faith. Jesse will be at the 5:00, 9:00, and 11:00 Masses. He will also offer a concert Saturday evening at 7:00 PM in the church, and lead us in a parish time of prayer and reflection on trust and humility Sunday evening at 6:30 PM. In addition, he will lead a workshop for musicians at 2:00 PM on Sunday. Finally, he will gather with our school youth on Monday morning at 10:00 AM at church. Plan to join us to sing, laugh, pray, and grow in our faith.

If you have not already done so, please consider making a gift to the Catholic Services’ Appeal (CSA – formerly the DSA). Funds collected through this Appeal go to directly support the work of our Diocese, the Diocese of Superior. It is important for us to remember that we rely on the Diocese in a number of areas: offering administrative support; educating our seminarians; endowing continuing education for catechists, our deacons, Fr. Patrick, and me; supporting the office of our Bishop; and providing a great deal of charitable work through Catholic Charities.

When we spoke about the appeal two weeks ago, many were surprised to learn that our assessment is set using a formula that takes into consideration only our adult envelope collections and interest income. The assessment is NOT based on the number of parishioners we have on our rolls. We also receive a discount relating to the expenses we pay for the operation of our Catholic School.

There were also those who were surprised to learn that the Hudson Community Child Care Center is a program supported by our Diocese through Catholic Charities. It is among the oldest programs that Catholic Charities sponsors in our Diocese. It was initially started because there were no other providers of childcare in the Hudson area. More recently they extended their programming to offer care for children as young as six weeks of age because they realized that this was one area in which there were not a lot of options for childcare.Envelopes for the Catholic Services Appeal can be found at the entrances of the church.

Finally, I must point out that we have signs at both entrances to our parking lot that stipulate that nothing is to be distributed on church property without prior permission of the pastor. It has come to my attention that recently cards were left on vehicles encouraging people to vote “no” in the upcoming school referendum. I am disappointed that anyone would violate our space and a policy that has been in place for several years. In fairness I should now allow people who support the “yes” vote to distribute similar materials, but ask that not be done. It is my position not to allow distribution of materials related to elections on our property. I will, especially at the time of national elections, post in our bulletin information that comes directly from the United Stated Conference of Catholic Bishops. Further, I applaud all who become involved in the political process, pray often that we will be guided to make good and right decisions, and mostly encourage all to vote in elections.

Fr. John Gerritts
October 19, 2014

              St. Patrick Church      





~Saturday October 18
100th Anniversary of KC's
8:00 AM Dust Busters
10:00 AM Reconciliation
5:00 PM Mass - Bishop Christensen Presider
Scrip and Coffee available after Mass

~Sunday October 19

Social by Saint Patrick School Volleyball Team
Masses: 7 AM, 9AM, 11AM
10:00 AM RCIA
5:30 PM Light Weigh One King Bible Study

Scrip and Coffee available after Mass

~Monday October 20
8:00 AM Mass
9:15 AM Bakery and Produce Give Away
7:00 PM Forming Effective Disciples

~ Tuesday October 21
8:00 AM Mass

6:00 PM Family Rosary
6:00 PM Healing Mass
6:00 PM FreeStyle
8:00 PM Sister Parish Committee

~ Wednesday October 22
8:00 AM Mass
10:00 AM Mass -  CCH

3:50 PM Children's Choir Practice
5:30 PM Youth Worship Team
7:00 PM All Catechist Meeting

~ Thursday October 23
8:00 AM Mass
9:15 AM Pastoral Staff Meeting
9:15 AM Mary - A Biblical Walk Bible Study

10:30 AM Mass -  Comforts of Home
1:00 PM Charity Quilters
7:00 PM Pillars 1: The Creed

7:00 PM Praise Company Rehearsal

~ Friday October 24
No School
8:00 AM  Mass

~Saturday October 25
8:00 AM Dust Busters
10:00 AM Reconciliation
5:00 PM Mass
Scrip available after Mass
6:00 PM 8th Grade Faith Formation
7:00 PM Jesse Manibusan in Concert


O God, we earnestly ask you to bless our diocese with many priests, brothers, sisters and deacons who will love You with their whole mind and heart and gladly spend their entire lives serving Your Church and making You known and loved. Bless our families, bless our children, and choose from our homes those needed for your work. Mary, Queen of the Clergy, pray for our priests, religious, and deacons. Obtain for us many more. We ask this through Christ our Lord.    Amen.


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