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Family Faith Formation engages the entire family together in the faith formation process to reflect on the weekly Gospel alive in their daily lives. Family Faith Formation connects all the people that live together as a family including, parents/guardians, grandparents, young adults, children, or whomever. Family Faith Formation empowers families to come together to share and learn about their faith. It is an hour and a half a week to turn off the TV, power off the cell phones, exit the internet, and speak with the people you love about the purpose of life and the presence of God.

All parish families are encouraged to participate in the weekly Gospel reflections and attend the gathered events. In order to ensure that we have adequate materials we ask that you complete a registration form . The cost of materials including seasonal supplemental materials is covered in the cost of tuition.


Registration is required for any child between Kindergarten and Grade 11 who are enrolled in Family Faith Formation as their primary faith formation program. Tuition for the family's first year of participation is charged at the normal rate and covers the cost for additional materials and administrative fees. After a family successfully completes their first year in Family Faith Formation a tuition reduction to a family rate (generally the single child tuition rate) is charged.

See the Registration page for form.


  • Sadlier Liturgy Reflections - reflections and discussion questions on the readings for each Sunday and holy day liturgy.  Activities for young people are included.  Some materials for younger children can be printed out.

Due to the Faith Formation Office by 11/30/2015

Due to the Faith Formation Office by 2-20-2016

Due to the Faith Formation Office by 4-29-2016.
Wrong date on the Form.

 Reflection sheet to be completed after each family service projects. Two Family Service Projects are to be completed during the year. Reflection sheets are due to the Faith Formation Office by 4-29-2016


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