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Faith Formation

Grades 9-11

Confirmation Bootcamp Concent Form.pdf 

High School Faith Formation is a three year process that allows for the comprehensive exposition of the faith while remaining anchored in spiritual formation. The process leads to the preparation for and the celebration of Confirmation at the end of the students Junior year.

"The Journey"
"The Journey" is our Confirmation Program at Saint Patrick Parish. We have made changes to the program the past few years as we seek to establish a program that meets Diocesan requirements and most importantly, serve our youth well. No more sitting in classes, now we will be joining together and actively learning about our faith. Join us as we experience the sacraments, dig deeper into our faith, and grow as Christians through active faith practise. As a part of  The Journey you will be given a Companion. Companions are adults from our parish who will help you stay connected with our parish, remind you of events that may interest you, share with you videos and other resources that will help you learn about our faith, and walk with you in this journey towards confirmation. Companions are there as a resource to answer your questions or guide you to find an answer.
There are three pillars that make up "The Journey":
Attend Mass
The most significant part of the Journey is attending Mass regularly on Sunday's (or Saturday nights) and Holy Days of Obligation. Now, What does that mean for our program? Minimally it should be every other week or twice a month. How will we know if you are attending? Your Sponsor and Parish Companion for the Journey will ask from time to time. If attending Sunday Mass is not a part of your life, your companion will guide you to find the alternative opportunities tat may lead you to eventually understanding the Mass better, enjoying it more, and eventually making it more a part of you life. Don't worry if it is not a part of your life now - it is a Journey!! 
The second stop on the Journey is service. Here there are two options. The first option is to participate in a week long mission trip through Saint Patrick Parish. Each summer Saint Patrick Parish sponsors a trip to some place in the United States through an organisation called Catholic Heart. Along with doing service work there is daily Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, and evening programs. 
The second option is to be a part of a Saint Patrick Service team. Teams either meet once a month September-May or work in the summer providing help with Vacation Bible School, Summer Stretch, or Totus Tuus. The teams that meet during the school year provide different service to a person or people in need. Current Sophomores and Juniors will complete three service experiences with this class this year that will fulfill their service requirement. 
Attend A Retreat
One of the most significant and often life changing stops on "The Journey" is a retreat. We will provide you with information regarding several great options that include NET Ministries, Steubenville Conferences, Extreme Faith Camp Prayer Team or High school Leader, Parish Mission Trip, and other Catholic Retreats



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