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Grades 9-11


High School Faith Formation is a three year process that allows for the comprehensive exposition of the faith while remaining anchored in spiritual formation. The process leads to the preparation for and the celebration of Confirmation at the end of the students Junior year.

High School Small Faith Sharing Groups 

The High School Formation process is anchored in Small Faith Sharing Groups, divided by grade level. These groups remain together for three years. There young people can explore their spirituality and learn about the Christian life.

The process also incorporates six subject specific classes that cover the doctrinal elements required by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for High School curricula in the freshmen and sophomore years. The modular approach allows students to cover the six classes over eight quarters including optional summer sessions. This allows them some flexibility for busy school periods. The junior year is conducted by the small group catechists and focus on spirituality, service, and sacramental preparation for Confirmation.

 Faith Formation classes, small groups, and occasional large groups meet on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm from the end of September through early May. Summer sessions of classes only (no small groups) are condensed into a two week period, allowing for time off during busy periods in the school year.

Forms and Links

For those who will attend a Catholic High School


If your child will go on to a Catholic High School we know that they will receive continuing faith formation that will include a service component. However, Catholic High Schools do not provide sacramental formation for Confirmation. For that reason we expect that in their Junior Year they will join one of the High School Small Faith Sharing Groups and participate fully in the activities for that year if they desire to be Confirmed. Please return a completed copy of the Faith Formation Registration form noting the name of the Catholic High School they attend under “Special Considerations” in the appropriate block on the reverse side. We will then continue to keep you updated on information that applies to their Confirmation formation at Saint Patrick Parish.


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