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A Disciples Response .  .  .

Answering The Community’s Call


When we as a community Baptize a baby, one of the promises we make to the parents and to the Godparents is to help and support them in raising this child as a Christian. The primary way that the community realizes its promise is through conducting religious instruction or formation in a variety of settings.

St. Patrick Catholic Community calls forth its members to support parents as primary catechists for their children in the faith formation process both as catechists and service ministers in our Elementary, Middle School, and High School formation processes.

It is inconceivable to imagine holding over eighty different formation sessions each week for over 600 young people without the commitment of catechists and our service ministers.

 Serving as a Catechist
In the words of one of the great religious educators of our time Maria Harris, “A Catechist is one who echoes the Word of God. Catechists are gifts of the Church. They are seers, believers, co-creators, dancers, teachers, prophets...and their ministry is the work of the entire community."

A Catechist contributes time and talent toward achieving the primary objective of all religious education, "to teach as Jesus taught." Catechists teach the curriculum while sharing their faith and love for the Lord. This goes far beyond teaching the simple facts of religion to being an authentic adult Christian role model from whom faith can be “caught.”

 Service Ministry
Our service ministers provide the eyes, ears, hands, and feet needed to keep things running, to keep things secure, and to keep our children safe. Service ministers, as the name implies, are more than just warm bodies. They are living examples of Christian service for our children to follow. They are real examples of Christ’s presence for our office staff and provide miracles on a daily basis that allow us to not just get by but to excel in our ministry.

We invite you to consider making a commitment to the catechetical ministry as a catechist or service minister. Please click on one of the links below and find out more about sharing your faith with the next generation of believers.
 Ministry Application forms and Background material


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