St. Patricks Hudson

The Catholic Community of Hudson, Wisconsin

Father John’s Message

Fr. John Gerritts  |   

17 November 2019

I hope you have noticed a few small changes in our building – the Knights of Columbus have been painting. They recently painted the bride’s room, cry room, and area outside the bride’s room. Previously they painted the upstairs’ bathrooms, stone wall outside the bathrooms, and the entrance and hallway in our office area. The Knights also helped our Faith in Action Committee set up for the Advent Giving Program. Many hands made the work a little easier. These efforts by our Knights of Columbus are a part of them refocusing on their mission. They are giving greater attention to partnering with our parish for their activities rather than creating new or different programs on their own. The idea is to get more Knights involved in the activities of the parish and help us grow stronger, which is a win-win for us all. Thanks to the Knights for their support within our parish.

Winter seems to be quickly coming upon us, and if this winter is anything like last winter, we had better be prepared. This winter we will return to what has been our policy concerning weekday Mass and Exposition of the Eucharist for Adoration. If the Hudson School District announces that school is closed for the day, the weekday Mass will be canceled, the Eucharist will not be exposed, and our building will be considered closed. If this happens on a Wednesday, all evening programs for our youth will be canceled. If the Hudson School District announces a late start, the weekday Mass will be canceled, the Eucharist will not be exposed until noon, and our building will not open until 10 AM. If the Hudson School District closes school early, Exposition of the Eucharist will end at 5 PM and – if it is a Wednesday – evening youth programs will be canceled. This policy is to help keep you and our staff safe while allowing for our contractors to safely and effectively clear our parking lot and sidewalks.

In regards to our capital campaign, we have been busy working to receive updated bids on replacing our school roof, the HVAC systems at the church and school, and the church parking lot. Our goal is to receive three bids for each project, though our hope is also to consolidate so we rely on only one or two contractors for our HVAC systems. This makes it far easier moving forward when we need updates, maintenance, or have questions regarding our systems. Our projects are also often interrelated. For example if we are doing work on our school roof, we need to know whether we would be putting rooftop heating/cooling systems in place in the near future, since some of this work would best be done when the roofers were there doing their work. We have several people from our parish who are involved in various aspects of construction work that we are calling upon to provide guidance as we move forward. It is important that we accurately provide contractors with the scope of our project so that they can provide us with an accurate bid. This is all necessary so we can provide you with quality information as we initiate our capital campaign.

Finally this weekend we bring to a close our three-week homily series reflecting on the idea of God knowing our names, the implications this has, and whether we desire to know His name as He knows us. As our Church year nears its close we hear in our Gospel reading the idea of being persecuted for knowing God’s name. But just as we heard last week, the good news is that any suffering in the present world is momentary compared to the eternal life to which it will lead. Knowing one’s name – God knowing our names – inserts us into another’s life – God knowing our names means we have the opportunity for eternal life. Our response is that desire to know the name of the one capable of giving us this life.

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