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Saint Patrick Catholic School is committed to building a partnership between the parents, students, staff, and parishioners in order to help each child reach his or her full potential.   We are dedicated to providing a Catholic Education that nurtures the soul, shapes the mind, and inspires the heart of each child.   Our focus on God, family and community will help guide their lives with purpose in service and virtue.


Saint Patrick Catholic School works to inspire students to grow in faith, wisdom, and academic excellence, while fostering a Life Long Relationship with God in our 3 year old Preschool through 8th grade in the community of Hudson and the surrounding communities of St. Croix Valley.

Saint Patrick Catholic School creates an environment that encourages students to integrate their Catholic faith into daily living, to achieve academic excellence, and to reach their full potential.




To instruct students in the truths and practices of our Catholic faith.

To encourage the practice of Gospel values and the Beatitudes.

To inspire students to pray, love, and be of service to others.

To emphasize the importance of our role in the Church and throughout the world.

To promote habits of healthful living and a positive self-image.

To develop an understanding of the dignity of all cultures and the interdependence of all creation.

To help students set high academic goals for themselves and achieve them.

To recognize the diverse learning styles of all students.

To help students acquire the tools of learning and develop good work and play habits.

To provide instruction and experience in the arts.

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