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Weekly Family Newsletter

Friday, December 12th, 2014


This Week .  .  .

We celebrated the Immaculate Conception Mass at church on Monday, December 8th. Students celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation on either Wednesday or Thursday. Music classes worked on their Spanish for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe at school Mass on Friday. Quite the holy week!

To the right is a picture of Middle School students being servant leaders, down on their knees to help the kindergarten music class learn their Spanish songs for our Mass on Friday. They also helped the class put together their liturgy bracelets, which all K-4 students will use to become familiar with the order of the mass and increase their engagement.

Next Week...

Tuesday, December 16th: FreeStyle Yogurt Night, 6-8pm.

Middle School Music Program

December 18th, 6:30pm @ School.

Lead Update

LEAD would like to remind families and students about the December Student Challenge. Information was sent home last week via email. Students, along with families, have the chance to investigate the word INCARNATION and show their understanding in a project. This is due December 19 and LEAD hopes MANY students will participate!


A Message from Mr. Bell.  .  .

Greetings Families,

It has been a great second week serving as your school principal. I am learning faces and names of everyone.Having the “Principal Picture Directory” from the fall school pictures has been a big help!

In the office we have been working on immunization and health records, opening and checking out all the cabinets, filing cabinets and getting to know the building. I am hosting one-on-one meetings with the teachers to learn their stories. I’ve made some changes to the before school back black top area time, and have asked the Recess Committee (of students) to talk about some options for students during this time. Standing in line for up to 20 minutes can be a bit long! Now with a second staff member helping to provide supervision, we can make some changes and allow students to be a little bit more active to get the wiggles out before school starts.

I’ve had the pleasure of starting to meet you all and hear the stories about Saint Patrick School. My Great Aunt Bernie Gregerson came up to me at Mass and informed me that she graduated from our school in 1948!

In January, Fr. John and I will be hosting some “Meet and Greet” sessions where we’ll will have the opportunity to hear more Saint Patrick stories. These sessions will be grade level coordinated, since the middle school stories are different than the early childhood stories. Hearing these stories will be helpful to me as I learn about our past and current realities, and hope to learn about the hopes and dreams for our school.

Many Blessings,

Mr. Bell


November Students of the Month

Front row: Calvin Douglas, Brady O’Brien, Alex Ripplinger, Elizabeth Collinson, Ella Young Back row: Skyeler Siwik, Chloe Tierney, Olivia Goulette, Catherine Stewart, Lydia Sittlow