And he gave some as apostles, others as prophets, others as evangelists,
others as pastors and teachers, to equip the holy ones for the work of ministry,
for building up the body of Christ, until we all attain to the unity of faith
and knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the extent of the full stature of Christ

~ Ephesians 4:11-13

Women’s Groups

Keeping in Balance

Tuesdays |  September 20, 2022 – May 2, 2023
9:00 – 10:30 AM or 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Do you feel pulled in many directions? Do you find it hard to balance the demands placed on your time? Is it difficult to manage all the details thrown your way? God wants to support and help us so that we can be our best in every season of our lives.

Come along on a journey throughout Scripture as we discover the relevance of Old and New Testament wisdom to our daily challenges. In this 22-lesson study, we’ll explore Biblical ideas for managing life’s pace and pressure while living with calm and steadiness. Your lifestyle of health and holiness awaits.

Try Keeping in Balance if you…

  • Are tired of projecting an image of “perfect”
  • Have trouble making God your highest priority
  • Can’t find enough time to give to loved ones
  • Have unrealistic expectations of yourself and others
  • Need help setting healthy boundaries

| Click to learn more about Keeping in Balance

Connect and Reflect Gatherings

February 7
March 28
May  2

Childcare available for the morning session. 

 Note: We will try to have a Monday morning small group and Zoom option for those who cannot make it on Tuesdays.

Cost | $55

Contact | Gloria Frost  

Ladies of Grace

2nd Saturdays of the Month
8:30 – 10:00 AM  |  Saint Patrick Social Hall or KC Room

Ladies of Grace has been going strong for 10 years ministering to the women of Saint Patrick Parish. We are a study and reflection group based off the Bible readings for the assigned weekends of the liturgical year in the Catholic church using a form of prayer called Lectio Divina. Our main focuses are socializing with other women of faith, prayer, reflection and study of the Bible. Our groups goal is to bring other women of faith together, to live out our lives as God calls us to, while deepening our relationship with Him and those around us.  All ladies are welcome. Invite a friend to join us!

Coffee, tea, and water provided; feel free to bring a treat to share.

Cost | Free

2023 Spring Dates:
April 15, 2023 (moved from April 8)

Contacts |  Katie Waldal    & Deb Mayer

Men’s Groups

That Man is You

Fridays | Began September 16 
6:10 – 7:15 AM | Saint Patrick Social Hall

THAT MAN IS YOU! is an interactive men’s program combining the best research from science with the teachings of the Catholic faith and the wisdom of the saints to develop the vision of man fully alive. By honestly addressing the pressures and temptations that men face in our modern culture, That Man is You! Seeks to form men who will be capable of transforming homes and society.

This year’s program: The Light of Men

There is but one source of all light – Jesus! He is the light shattering the darkness of our day. To be in the light is to allow God’s light to shine through you and become manifest in abundant virtue. “In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1: 4-5).

• Discover exactly what it takes to win the spiritual and cultural war at hand.
• Expose the darkness of the seven deadly sins with the counteracting light of seven saints.
• Rediscover your divine destiny, inheritance and the science of sainthood.
• Learn to pray like the saints – with power, purpose, meditation and contemplation.
• Enlighten your mind with objective and subjective arguments for the existence of God.
• Experience a Lenten Journey like never before through the five Sorrowful Mysteries.
• Journey beyond the TMIY stage to the places where Heaven kissed Earth in the Holy Land.
• Reclaim the clear pathway of light guiding both the Church and your own spiritual journey.
• Become a light to the world, your parish and your family – a city set on a hill that gives light to all!
• Embrace the call to become a light to the nations and bring God’s salvation to the ends of the earth.


5:45-6:10 AM | Arrive for fellowship
6:10 AM |  Opening prayer
6:15 AM |  Video presentation
6:45 AM | Small group discussion
7:15 AM |  Dismiss for the day

“TMIY exposes many of the problems in our culture and addresses them with honesty and insight. Many men have changed their lives. I have never seen such a profound response.”
-Anonymous, Colorado

“That Man is You! does a tremendous job of forming men in their Catholic faith and reshaping their hearts to be disciples of Jesus Christ – in other words, setting men on fire with the courage and zeal that come from being sons of God. I highly recommend this program. It’s a great gift to the Church.”
-Archbishop Charles Chaput

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”
–Proverbs 27:17

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Contact |  Michael Wagner   

Young Adult Group


Are you between the ages of 18 and 30 and are looking for a faith filled group to hang out with and grow in fellowship and faith.  Look no further, we are Minnesconsin and we would love to meet you. The Minnesconsin Young Adult Group is a partnership group between Saint Patrick Parish & St Michael & Mary in Stillwater. Our mission is to facilitate events that will create fruitful Catholic relationships and help those in the group to grow in their faith and in turn give back to our greater communities. Every month we have two events, one social and one faith based, where you can join a group of young adults as we seek to grow in our faith! Follow us on Facebook or email H Dorian to get on the email list. Poco a Poco, little by little, the Minnesconsin community will grow into a family of believers that will set a fire in the soul of the St. Croix River Valley.

Upcoming Events: Check them out on their Facebook Group


Contact | Antoinette Kaiser 

General Groups

Our Catholic Faith: Revealed, Revisited, Rejuvenated

Thursdays | April 20 – June 1
7:00  – 8:30 pm
Knights of Columbus Room

Current Study | Bible Basics for Catholics: A New Picture of Salvation History by John Bergsma

In Bible Basics for Catholics, bestselling author and speaker John Bergsma provides Catholics with both the big picture of the Bible by focusing on the covenant story of God’s plan for all his sons and daughters. By employing a conversational style and simple illustrations throughout the book, Bergsma helps contemporary Catholics understand the ancient world of the Bible and discover how it is still meaningful for their lives today. Questions addressed in this book include:

What does the creation story reveal about the meaning of life?
Why did God test Abraham so harshly?
Why is King David such a big deal in the Bible?
What is the difference between the New Covenant and the Eucharistic Covenant?

Cost | $16 – or click to order your own book
Contact | Tricia Pieper     

No Greater Love
A Biblical Walk Through Christ’s Passion

Thursdays | Begins March 2
9:15 – 11:15 AM
St. Cecilia Room (former Music Room)

Filmed on location in the Holy Land, No Greater Love is a biblical pilgrimage that reveals Christ’s amazing love for us. Best-selling author Edward Sri guides you through the last hours of Christ’s life. You will walk step-by-step with Jesus from the garden of Gethsemane to Mount Calvary. Every step of the way, Old Testament prophecies, messianic expectations, biblical symbolism, and historical context shed light on the mystery of Christ’s suffering and death. Experience a deeper understanding and appreciation of God’s immeasurable and unconditional love for you—grow closer to Jesus than you ever have before.

Authored and presented by Edward Sri, No Greater Love also features Fr. Mike Schmitz, Jeff Cavins, Jennifer Fulwiler, Curtis Martin, Teresa Tomeo, Fr. Josh Johnson, and Elizabeth Sri.

To Register | Contact Shirley Carlson

Contact | Shirley Carlson     

Becoming Catholic | A Journey of Faith
Formerly Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Are you or do you know someone looking to join the Catholic Faith, looking to receive baptism, communion or confirmation as an adult or a child older than second grade? Becoming Catholic might be a good fit.

Come join us for Catholic Faith Discovery Sessions! Discover what Becoming Catholic is all about! Bring your questions and your stories, we are here to walk with you on your spiritual journey, just like Jesus walks each day with all of us.