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The LORD will open up for you his rich storehouse, the heavens,
to give your land rain in due season and to bless all the works of your hands.

~ Deuteronomy 28:12

As Catholics, we give with joyful hearts. In addition to giving our time and talent, we also offer our treasure. When you are a registered member at Saint Patrick, you automatically receive envelopes for different opportunities to give. In addition to envelopes, Saint Patrick’s has other opportunities that might fit your household’s needs.

Weekly Envelopes

As a registered member at Saint Patrick Parish, you automatically receive envelopes for different opportunities to give. If you would like to discontinue your weekly envelops and tithe one of the ways below, please email Ellen O’Brien.

ACH Giving

Saint Patrick can help you set up a monthly or semi-monthly recurring gift through our ACH giving program. You can choose whether your gift comes out on the 1st, the 15th, or the 20th. Download this form, and return it to our Parish Administrator Jeff Hommes or by dropping it off at the Parish Office.


Do you prefer to use a credit or debit card but still have the flexibility of all the options in our envelope system? You can set up one time or recurring gifts through WeShare. Simply register through this link here.

Catholic Services Appeal

The Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) is expected to continue to provide the same vital function of raising the yearly financial support for programs, including lay ministry, protection of life in our society, encourage candidates for the priesthood, education of seminarians and deacons, provide for the education of children and youth in our Religious Education and our Catholic School Systems, and so much more. This year, the goal at Saint Patrick is $123,468. To contribute, please click here.

Capital Campaign

The 2020 – 2023 Capital Campaign is an important goal of our Parish to help: Fix what is broken, Replace, update, and add what is needed, Enhance what is necessary, and Do what is responsible to foster our mission of providing for the faith lives of our community. The Campaign’s goal is $2,370,482. To learn more about the Capital Campaign, click here. To make a pledge, please contact Steve Richter | Parish Administrator [jhommes@stpatrickofhudson.org | 715-381-5120 x 105]. Note: pledges maybe made in many other types of financial commitments including: stocks, coins, donated vehicles, stimulus checks, IRA distributions, estate plan giving and other types of assets. To contribute and make a payment, click here.

Stock Gift

A gift of stock is a great way to support Saint Patrick, and maximize your tax savings. Use this form to direct your gift yourself, or just give it to your finance professional.

Donor Advised Fund

With the change of tax laws in 2018, some of our members have turned to Donor Advised Funds to help maximize tax savings. A donor advised fund can be set up with many large investment firms with a one time or recurring gift. You receive a tax deduction immediately when the fund is set up, and gifts are distributed at your discretion. Contact our Parish Administrator Jeff Hommes for more information.

Estate Planning

Through estate planning, you have the opportunity to leave a gift that reflects how you lived your life. Please consider including Saint Patrick Parish and School in your estate plan. For specific options or questions, please contact our Parish Administrator Jeff Hommes.


Scrip is one of the easiest ways to help support Saint Patrick Church and School. We order Scrip at a discount, buyers (that’s you) pay face value. The difference is an instant rebate for Saint Patrick Parish. These are the same exact gift cards you purchase from the retailer directly. With more than 750 of America’s biggest brands to choose from, using Scrip to meet your everyday needs and gift giving couldn’t be easier…or smarter. Gift cards are available two ways: 1) online (customer purchases cards with bank account, debit, or credit card); or 2) purchase/order at church (customer pays with check or cash). It is easy and convenient and helps to support our Parish! Follow this link to learn more about the online program and to sign up: Raise Right Click ‘Signup’ and join our existing online program. Saint Patrick’s enrollment code is: 63FBDCC418992
Click to download and print the order form.