Father John’s Message

Fr. John Gerritts  |   

26 June 2022

Amazing! That is the best way to describe our recent Eucharistic procession that we celebrated last weekend for the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Jesus or Corpus Christi. It was also meant as a kickoff to the United States Bishop’s call for a Eucharistic Revival. While we cut it back a bit because of the predicted heat and humidity, going simply around the church rather than down to our school and the site of our old church, the opportunity to bring Jesus out into our community was still present. I believe that we have a new annual event to look forward to hosting each year. As we were processing, I tried to imagine what people passing by were thinking. I hope there was a sense of wondering in their minds what we were up to and celebrating. Maybe we piqued their curiosity a little. Maybe they thought it looked rather odd. These would have been the same thoughts people had 2000 years ago as Jesus passed by the crowds. Personally, as we left the church, I had no idea if anyone was following. I could hear the voices of a few of our musicians behind, and I could see our Servers carrying the cross and candles in front, along with the Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Honor Guard and Deacons. But I was curious whether others were following or not. It wasn’t until we made the turn onto Wisconsin Street that I could look back and see the line of over 200 people processing together. It was amazing to be carrying Jesus in this line of people. I had a real feeling of what it felt like as Jesus walked the earth with a crowd of people following him
reverently, amazed, curious, excited, and singing. As his crowds would have been, ours was people of all ages, from our youngest in a stroller to, well, the rest of us. Praised be Jesus!

On a practical note, there has been a lot work going on with our lighting project. We are replacing all of our light bulbs (700 in total) with LED bulbs as one of our capital campaign projects. We also upgraded our emergency lighting in the church should we ever experience a power outage, and our lighting boards. Hopefully you have noticed the bright clean look of our church since the new bulbs were installed.

We also are still assessing our damage from the recent hail storm. We definitely had damage at our school as three skylights were broken. Our air conditioning units were also damaged. Of course, we have insurance on these items. We are still determining the damage to our roofs. Our insurance company assured us that if it is decided the roofs don’t need to be replaced but in say two years, they start giving us trouble, they would still cover us for the damage done. We are having a couple of contractors look them over and give us feedback.

Finally, congratulations to Sister Joannes Klaus, who served many years at our Sister Parish in Guatemala. Sister Jo will be with us this weekend so we can celebrate with her the 70th Anniversary of her profession as a religious Sister. Congratulations Sister Jo!

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