Father John’s Message

Fr. John Gerritts  |   

5 February 2023

This weekend Father Gene Murphy will be covering for me at all of the Masses. Some of you will remember Father Gene from the time he served here about ten years ago. Father Gene is now retired from active ministry and so able to help out occasionally. Father Gene is handling the Masses here while I am traveling to Washington D.C. to attend the promotion ceremony for one of my closest friends. He serves in the Army Special Forces as a priest/chaplain and is being promoted to the rank of Colonel. He has been deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan, along with various other assignments in his twenty plus years of service. As a side note, I am excited since the ceremony will at the White House. It will also be a chance for me to see my sister who lives in Virginia. I will be back next Tuesday evening.

This weekend we also bring to a close the annual celebration of Catholic Schools Week, and will be showing the annual Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) video during the time the homily is usually given. The Catholic Services Appeal is the annual collection taken by every parish in our Diocese to support the work of the Diocese. Each parish in the Diocese of Superior receives an assessment based on its regular adult envelop giving. Our assessment for this year is $121,144. To date we have collected $69,436. If we are short and fail to make our assessment, we must pay the balance from our operations. If we go over, anything over our assessment is returned to our parish for our own use.

The CSA video for this year featured our school, our principal Mr. Dan Bell, our staff, our students, and myself. It also features the Catholic School that serves the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribe at Stone Lake, and Extreme Faith Camp. Extreme Faith Camp is a week-long summer camp experience for middle schoolers and utilizes high school students from our parish as small group leaders. It has proven to be extremely popular with our middle and high school kids. The video is a chance to see some of what happens at our school during a typical school day and at Extreme Faith Camp in the summer.

If you have not had an opportunity to contribute the CSA, there will be envelopes in the pews. The CSA is the primary revenue source for our Diocese. From a practical standpoint, without the support of our Diocese if would be extremely difficult to operate our parish. There are many services that we receive from our Diocese that go unnoticed by most, but if they did not exist would be greatly missed. In recent years we have especially seen our Diocese offer more for our youth and programs such as retreats. As a result, our support for the Diocese is more vital than ever before. There are a variety of ways to give to the CSA. Please see the CSA envelope for more details. If you have already given to the CSA, thank you for your support.

Finally, make sure to plan and watch the video the Knights of Columbus are showing about Mother Teresa of Calcutta, at 6:00 PM Saturday and Noon this Sunday. I have not seen the movie, but it has received excellent reviews. It is a great way to celebrate the life of such a wonderful saint. There is no cost, and you can enjoy a break from winter with some summertime food prior to the movie.

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